Olivko as a beauty treatment

People have been using extra virgin olive oil in beauty treatments for centuries. Here are just a few ways you can introduce Olivko olive oil to your beauty regime…

Olive oil skin care is hardly new to natural beauty. It’s a simple, easy to find ingredient that can (and has) been used in everything from soaps to body lotions.

Olive oil is a staple in my beauty care routine. It has been ever since I started making my own skincare product in the late 90’s/early 2000’s.

It isn’t an oil I use every day but since it’s always around the house I use it a lot in passing. It’s great for everything from dry skin to softening my cuticles.

I have yet to be disappointed…Well, except for once, but I’ll tell you a bit about this in the “when not to use olive oil” section at the end of the page

– Pre Shampoo Hair Treatment

– Lip Scrub

– Eye Make-Up Remover

– Ear Wax Remedy

– Shine Serum

– Shaving Cream

– Antibacterial Balm

– Cuticle Conditioner

– Eczema Remedy

– Diaper Rash Treatment

– Cracked Heel Repair

– Make-Up Brush Cleaner