New body, with a traditional soul

OLIVKO proud to be born in Tunisia, where we have been planting olive trees and trading in olive oil for more than 3,000 years. Our Phoenician ancestors understood very well the importance of the soil and the climate to produce the highest quality of extra virgin olive oil. This is why today we have more than 80 million olive trees. OLIVKO uses hand picked olives and a long established extra virgin olive oil production process, so you can taste the wisdom of ancient techniques passed down the generations with the latest technology process to ensure the highest quality.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil made with pride and passion

We work really hard to guarantes persistent excellent standards of quality of olive oil, keeping up with newest technology and researches.

We truly treasuring our olives and even more our most important people, out team in the groves.
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Karim Fitouri

Karim Fitouri
Owner and Founder of Olivko

Born in 1972 in small, but extremely charming island in Tunisia, called Djerba.

Back to that time, being yang boy, I always dreamed about, that one day I most definitely will be part of some sort of invention or creation, something very important for my beloved country Tunisia.

I always remember my childhood dream and I was blessed to discover my passion to point of obsession towards olive oil! I studied and researched a lot of history, technologies, business realities in Olive Oil industry, experience of different companies.

At that point I understood, that here is that creation I was dreaming about, I want to go back to my roots and start to press perfect olive oil juice and to change image of Tunisian Olive Oil forever!

I am here to make a history, to introduce people around the globe to this Liquid gold, with proud label on it of Authentic Tunisian Olive Oil, Made in Tunisia!

Latest technology to ensure highest quality

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Wisdom of ancient techniques in Olivko farming


Back to the 8th century BC, even before Carthage was founded, Phoenicians were the first to introduce olive cultivation to North Africa
-3000 years


Romans developed olive growing by implementing intensified irrigation and oil extraction techniques

-2000 years


Andalusian Arabs settled down in Tunisia and start acquiring farms and growing olive trees

-1000 years


During the french colonization, the plantation of olives trees significantly increased, flourishing the olive oil cultivation in Tunisia
-100 years