Olivko’s Process

We really care about the nurture that goes into all our oil, every bottle is special and should be treated with care as all of our ancestors have done so with the oil process, we haven’t changed the process, we keep it simple, natural and healthy.

A new body, with a traditional soul  

Tunisian olive oil has always enjoyed a reputation for quality, although for many years it’s been a well-kept secret. Not for much longer.

Olivko is a family-run business. We’ve been farming olives since 1928, but our ancestors were cultivating olive trees in our sunny climate from as early as the 8th century BC.

You can taste that tradition and knowledge in every bottle of Olivko extra virgin olive oil we produce.

After all, if you’re good at something, why stop?

Why Olivko Olive Oil?

Extra virgin olive oil has many uses, from beauty treatments to massage, and cookery to medicine, but only the best will do.

Olivko use nothing except organic, hand picked olives and long-established production processes, bringing the wisdom of ancient traditions into the present day.


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