Olivko’s Process

Olivko … We produce the best olive oil


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Cold pressed

Cold pressed

Cold-pressed, filtered and bottled with no delays in the process and nothing added except the purest olive oil. You can taste the wisdom of...



Our oil is made from organically grown, hand-picked olives. We believe that some traditions improve with age.

Deep Green Freshness

Deep Green Freshness

Olivko extra virgin olive oil is a deep green colour, earthy, fresh and flavourful, with a mouth-watering aroma and that distinctive peppery taste...


The Story of Tunisian olive oil

The Origins
High Quality
Extra Virgin
Olive going in Tunisia goes back to the 8th century BC, even before Carthage was founded by Dido.
Roman Imperialism time encouraged development of farms and export of olive oil, The Romans developed olive growing by implementing intensified irrigation and oil extraction techniques.
The Arabs of Andalusia settled down in Tunisia, taking advantage of the opportunities then granted for acquiring farms and growing olive trees, amongst which the farm.
France colonization.During this time plantation of Olive oil trees segnificly increased.
OLIVKO was born and manage to win Gold medal for Tunisia Today Tunisia is the most important olive oil producer, it comes second after the European Union.


Using Olivko


Olivko’s Process

Olivko … We produce the best olive oil


Olive oil improves your health

The Mediterranean diet has always made liberal use of extra virgin olive oil,


Skin saviour

The health benefits of olive oil include lower cholesterol levels in the your blood.


Pain relief

Olive oils’ antioxidants have been shown reverse of disease-related memory deficits.


Olivko as a beauty treatment

Although high in calories, olive oil has shown to help reduce levels of obesity.


Stronger immune systems

The elements in olive oil can decrease the risk of breast cancer and its recurrence.

The Founder of Olivko

Karim Fitouri
Karim Fitouri
Founder of Olivko

I was born in 1972 in small, but extremely charming island in Tunisia, called Djerba.

Back to that time, being young boy, I always dreamed about, that one day I most definitely will be part of some sort of invention or creation, something very important for my beloved country Tunisia.
As an ambitious and focus person, I decided to get knowledges and life experience abroad and for 24 years United Kingdom became such place, where I managed to build my own successful business of luxury chauffeur cars company.
But I always remember my childhood dream and I was blessed to discover my passion to point of obsession towards olive oil!
I studied and researched a lot of history, technologies, business realities in Olive Oil industry, experience of different companies.
At that point I understood, that here is that creation I was dreaming about, I want to go back to my roots and start to press perfect olive oil juice and to change image of Tunisian Olive Oil forever!
I am here to make a history, to introduce people around the globe to this Liquid gold, with proud label on it of Authentic Tunisian Olive Oil, Made in Tunisia!